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Thundercat – Evangelion // We’ll Die [music video]

LA-based virtuoso bassist Thundercat (aka Stephen Bruner) has released a double video for two of the songs off his acclaimed 2013 album Apocalypse (released on Brainfeeder).

Although Thundercat is best known for his work with Flying Lotus and thrash heads Suicidal Tendencies, Apocalypse is the second solo release from the bassist. And it’s nothing to be scoffed at – elements of jazz and free harmony coalesce with R&B and a distinct dreamy, psychadelic recording style to produce a modern masterpiece. The video for tracks ‘Evangelion‘ and ‘We’ll Die‘ is no exception to this rule, with photographer B+ (aka Brian Cross) recruited for video direction and also adding a entrancing visual element to the music.

‘Evangelion’ sees Thundercat trudging through a derelict desert landscape with guitar and samurai sword in hand, looking freaking cool while B+ utilises cinematic sweeping pans across the desert. ‘We’ll Die’ fades back in as a sweet little candid moment of just the man himself with a beautiful 6-string bass. The video is shot exquisitely and complements the music perfectly. Check out the video here and stream the entirety of Apocalypse below.





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