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Brainfeeder’s Azizi Gibson drops ‘Crown Violet’

Brainfeeder wordsmith and new addition to the team Azizi Gibson has generously shared a new track entitled ‘Crown Violet‘ on his Soundcloud page. Produced by NZ-based Kamandi, this track starts off small and ends H.U.G.E.

With a trap-infused downtempo feel, this song starts off reaaaaaal slow and chill. Textural sonic pleasure is rife in ‘Crown Violet’ in the form of reverb-soaked intermittent clicks, drops and taps. Imagine the tongue clicks from Drop It Like It’s Hot combined with gacked-out trap beats and you can start to get the picture. The production and vocals are shrouded in a cloudy haze that take pitched-down, stretched-out, f***ked-up beats to a new level. The ending outtro builds to a suspenseful climax that leaves the ear wanting more – at just over 2 minutes long, this is only a teaser of what is to come.

Gibson’s lyrics are self-deprecating and lighthearted and Kamandi’s production moulds perfectly around the words. However the weird / slightly boring rhythmic repetition of Gibson’s rhymes leaves something to be desired – I guess a lower level of lyrical energy is to be expected for such a hazed out, downtempo trap mix; but with such a huge drop, it does leave me wanting more.

It’s lucky the production carries the song so damn well or it wouldn’t be such a hit. And hopefully there will be more soon, with Gibson hinting at a new album release later in the year – so stay tuned. If Kamandi’s production on this is any indication of what’s to come, then Brainfeeder and Prehistoric Crew fans are in for a treat.

And while you’re at it, give some love to Kåm∆nd¡ for the excellent production on ‘Crown Violet’ (and check out Gifted/Suga Suga bootleg plus all the other goodness on his soundcloud!)


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L.atasha A.lcindor – MOMA (prod. Ken10)

You won’t regret listening to this track…

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February 17, 2014 · 12:09 am

Thundercat – Evangelion // We’ll Die [music video]

LA-based virtuoso bassist Thundercat (aka Stephen Bruner) has released a double video for two of the songs off his acclaimed 2013 album Apocalypse (released on Brainfeeder).

Although Thundercat is best known for his work with Flying Lotus and thrash heads Suicidal Tendencies, Apocalypse is the second solo release from the bassist. And it’s nothing to be scoffed at – elements of jazz and free harmony coalesce with R&B and a distinct dreamy, psychadelic recording style to produce a modern masterpiece. The video for tracks ‘Evangelion‘ and ‘We’ll Die‘ is no exception to this rule, with photographer B+ (aka Brian Cross) recruited for video direction and also adding a entrancing visual element to the music.

‘Evangelion’ sees Thundercat trudging through a derelict desert landscape with guitar and samurai sword in hand, looking freaking cool while B+ utilises cinematic sweeping pans across the desert. ‘We’ll Die’ fades back in as a sweet little candid moment of just the man himself with a beautiful 6-string bass. The video is shot exquisitely and complements the music perfectly. Check out the video here and stream the entirety of Apocalypse below.




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