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Single review: Run The Jewels – 36″ Chain

36″ Chain is the debut release off El-P and Killer Mike‘s 2013 release Run The Jewels. This track has a grimy, dark feel to it with an enticing eastern-tinged slow, grooving beat. With Killer Mike spitting fiery stream-of-conscious style lyrics all over the bar and El-P’s production skills, it’s hard to go wrong with this track.


‘From the ceilings of heaven to the gates of hell /

We murder death killed every stage we step /

Homicide times two better warn yourself, El’


El-P has a relaxed MCing style, and lags lazily over the beat for his verses while still appearing f***ing badass. Killer Mike brings a quintessentially Atlanta sound to the table too. Think Aesop Rock, a heavier version of Ludacris or the like mixed with more electronic trancey, dubstep and synths. This is new generation commercial hip hop and as usual, El-P is at the forefront of the movement.




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