EP review: Gita – Escaping The Dream World

Move over Nicki, Gita is here and she’s reinventing what it means to be a female MC in 2013. After being picked up by A$AP Ferg and releasing her first track ‘Hood Rich’ in 2011, she has recently dropped her first EP Escaping The Dream World in July 2013, which is self-released, self-written and recorded, as well as exec produced by Gita herself.

‘Kaviar, Yachts’ (prod. Heartbrak3 Kid) opens with a slow, soulful backing track and a smooth, continuous rap which highlights the effortlessness of Gita’s stream of consciousness style of lyricism. The rhythm and enunciation of her licks are not to be under-estimated and there is a really pleasant fluidity.  Similarly, ‘Benji’ (prod. Bradun DeShay) opens with Gita singing a melody a capella style, before dropping into a deep synth-laden trap groove reminiscent of Gucci Mane circa Gucci House.

Escaping The Dream World is a fruitful culmination of the best bits of trap beats mixed with a healthy dose of 90s party-loving rhymes, which is a promising indication of what is to come from this young MC. Plus Gita looks like a less tacky version of Nicki Minaj pulled straight out of the 90s, rocking dookie braids and platform sneakers.

You can get Escaping The Dream World free here.


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